Storm Warrior 2  ..... 'Thunder Wagon'
No IVA test required.

Land Rover Discovery Mk1 1989/1998,
or Range Rover Classic based [with some adjustments]

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    The donor vehicle for the Storm Warrior2 Thunder Wagon is the Land Rover Discovery Mk 1 [1989/1998 ] or with some adjustments, The Range Rover Classic.

    For well under 1000 you can find a suitable Discovery Donor with a 2.5 Litre turbo charged diesel engine, or v8 petrol engine, with 5 speed manual gearbox, or 4 speed automatic gearbox.

    You can chose...RIGHT or LEFT HAND DRIVE. . Three years in development, the GRP and steel body/floor unit of the "Thunder wagon" is a is a direct replacement for the often rusty Discovery body.